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10-07-2016 "Partner Hero Coffey Day"

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Today is open Gym all day.  Use this day to make up a wod or a strength that you missed.
Today is bring a Friend for FREE Day!

15 Leg swings each side
10 lateral lunges each side
Prayer stretch
15 Good Mornings with a bar
warm-up deadlift

Wendler Week 4 Deload week
1x5 @

Partner Coffey
For Time:
Run 800m together
50 back Squats 135/95lbs
50 bench Press 135/95lbs
Run 800m together
35 back Squats
35 bench press
Run 800m Together
20 back squats
20 bench press
Run 800m together
1 Muscle up each

*Split the back squat and bench press however you want.  Use one Bar for bench on the rack and Back Squat from the ground.

Checkout/Mini Challenge WOD:
3 rounds
10 jumping lunges with dumb bells
10 thrusters with Dumb bells
4 ManMakers with Dumb bells

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