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FRIDAY 05-26-2017 "Team America" "

Some of you are ending your challenge today.  If so you would need to come to 6:30am class and see Sunny or 9am 12 or 12;30pm class and see Lou.  You all have your old photos on your own phones and  your measurements to bring in.  If you are ending your challenge Monday I will be at the gym at 8am setting up for the WOD and BBQ.

** There will be NO OPEN gym at 1:30pm today. However, Jack will be in the gym at 3pm till 6pm for OPEN GYM during those times.

Normal hours on Saturday!

Monday 9am-11am WOD 11am-1pm BBQ Bring a dish to share that will feed 5ppl.  Thanks

Spending 20 minutes
Wendler Push Press Deload week
5x40% 5x50% 5x60%

Back Squat 20 rep series
If you are on track you are Minis 30lbs off your 5 rep max
If you missed a lift you are to repeat that weight till you hit all 20reps w/o setting the bar down.


" Team America" Outlaw July 4th
"In teams of two complete
100 KBS 24/16kg
50 Burpees
30 T2B
10 Snatches 155/105lbs
30 T2B
50 Burpees
100 Partner Wall Balls 20/14lbs

Notes: All reps may be apportioned in any way between the teammates, but only one teammate may be working at a time (example: if one teammate wants to perform all 100 Burpees they may). The only exception is the Partner Wall Balls. Partner Wall Balls must be performed by teammates alternating Wall Ball shots

Cash Out:
1 Mile WALK

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