Yelm Wod Dogs

303 Creek St Unit 1&2 Yelm, Wa 98597
Annie Cell 206-914-6929


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Mobility or 15 minutes coach led

100 single jump ropes
:15sec prayer stretch x5
10 Pass throughs
10 H/R Push-ups
10 Air Squats
Crab Crawl

Warm-up any lifts for the wod you choose

you can choose between 

for time:

9 Squat Cleans,  RX 195/125,  Masters155/105lbs, Scaled 95/65lbs
28 Toes to bars, Scaled Knee raises
14 Thrusters RX 135/95lbs, Masters 95/65lbs, Scaled 65/45lbs
30 Calorie Row


EMOM 2 mins for 18 mins, alternating between:
3 Muscle ups
Handstand walk, 10 meters
L-Sit :45 seconds

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