Yelm Wod Dogs

303 Creek St Unit 1&2 Yelm, Wa 98597
Annie Cell 206-914-6929


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Pvc pass Throughs
Prayer Stretch
Shoulder Mobility on the rig with band
Hip ext. on the rig with band
Roll out your lats
Roll out inner thighs

Strength: (Use the chart on the wall)
Front Squat
1x5 at 65% 1RM
1x5 at 75% 1RM
1x5+ at 85% 1RM

3 rounds, 30 secs per sstation of:
AbMat Sit-up
Air Squat

Perform this like "FGB" by rotating immediately to the next station every 30 sec, the clock does not stop or rest between stations.

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